Sports Sponsoring


SCHWARM Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Ben Ibata hosted today's press conference on the volleyball Bundesliga cooperation between Haching and 1860 Munich. Also volleyball legend Stelian Moculescu was there. Participants in the press conference: TSV Unterhaching managing director Mihai Paduretu, TSV 1860 club manager Viola Oberländer, TSV Unterhaching vice president Robert Langwieser, TSV 1860 president Robert Reisinger, TSV vice president Hans Sitzberger and consultant Dr. Marcus Hochhaus. Co-Founder and CTO of SCHWARM Technologies Stefan Jägers also extended a warm welcome to all members of the press. "Technology, energy and community unite SCHWARM Technologies and TSV Unterhaching. We are delighted about the reinforcement by 1860."