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Today: Jan-Philipp Jägers
Role at SCHWARM: Software Engineer, Software Architect.

SCHWARM: Jan-Philipp, what do you particularly like about your work?

Jan-Philipp: The fast changes of the technologies we work with, converting customer requirements into domain models and structured software, implement and deliver features fast.

SCHWARM: And what do you particularly like about working at SCHWARM?

Jan-Philipp: The variety of projects and problems we are involved in. How we work together and the different personalities in the company. That we can work from wherever we want.

SCHWARM: What advantages do you think open source has?

Jan-Philipp: Getting challenged by as many people as possible.

SCHWARM: How was OpenVolery ™, our IoT platform, born?

Jan-Philipp: We had developed a previous system specific to the energy market and we were convinced that we can develop a system that can serve other markets as well.

SCHWARM: Who is your personal role model?

Jan-Philipp: I don't have a specific one. I admire specific aspects of some people and what they were able to come up with in order to solve problems they were facing.

SCHWARM: Thanks Jan-Philipp. Great to work with you.